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Galleries on Crated are a great way to organize, present, and share multiple pieces as a grouping.

Getting Started

To create a gallery, start by clicking the 'Galleries' tab on the left side of your dashboard panel. Then click the 'Create new gallery' button in the top right, give the gallery a name, and click save. 

From here, you can start adding art to the gallery. On the 'Empty gallery' tile, click 'add art' and begin selecting the pieces you wish to include in this gallery.

Simply click a thumbnail to select a piece, choose as many as you like. To remove one from the selection click the thumbnail again. When you've completed the selection click save.

Editing galleries

To edit a gallery's title, contents, or arrange the pieces within it, click the gallery tile in the seller dashboard and use the top navigation.

To add or remove pieces from the gallery, click 'Manage gallery art' on the top and select/deselect pieces then click save.

You can also delete the gallery here by clicking 'Delete gallery' on the top navigation (note that this does not delete the art pieces contained in the gallery, only the gallery itself). 


You can share your galleries with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus using the social media icons on the bottom right of the gallery tile in your dashboard. 

On your Crated page, galleries can be shared using the social buttons in the top right of your galleries tab. (This will share the galleries tab, linking to the listing of all your galleries.)

To share a specific gallery you can enter the gallery and use the social buttons in the top right. 

The gallery tiles will generate a thumbnail grid randomly based on the first 3-9 items in the gallery. To adjust which pieces show on the tile you can enter the gallery from your dashboard, then click 'Arrange art' to move pieces in to the top 1-9 spots. 

Currently the number of galleries for a profile is limited to 16 and will be displayed in alphabetical order in the 'Galleries' tab on your Crated profile.

You will also have a section in the new upload description page to add your newly uploaded image to any existing galleries, or start a new gallery for that image from the description page.

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