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Image formatting


Guidelines for uploading your art

We accept jpeg or png with a max resolution of 12000px on either dimension. You’ll want to export your art as the highest quality setting and in RGB mode.

If your image is larger than that you can resize in photoshop. Go to Image>Image Size and change the pixel dimensions on the largest side to 12000

When exporting you should also make sure that the file size is under 25MB.

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    Curious as to why you don't allow non-compressed formats, like TIFF? If zipped, they can easily be under 25 Mb.

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    Crated Support

    Since we have to host each full size image individually and for the life-time that it is on Crated, we need to limit the final file size for uploads.

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    Hi, I'm wondering why on some of my images the "small" size is really large (like 31x25) - the file in Photoshop is 8x10. Here's the example: http://crated.com/art/15256/1876-by-jillianaudrey


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    Crated Support

    The sizes offered are baed on the aspect ratio of the file, so if it doesn't fit into a 8x size evenly we need to multiply the dimensions to get to a full inch number on the height and width.

    You could recrop the image to exactly 8x10 or a full inch ratio and it should help.

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