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Uploading images


To get your gallery started, you'll want to upload as many images as possible. We suggest having 15 images minimum to give your customers lots to look at and choose from. 

Uploading images is easy! 

Start by clicking Upload art - either in the top right corner on any page, or the left side on your Dashboard page. 

You then have the option to drag and drop your image files, or click to upload your files. You can upload 5 images at one time.

Images must be: 

  • jpeg or png files
  • min. 612x612 pixels
  • max. 25mb or 12000 px

Once those 5 are uploaded to your gallery, you can return to upload the next 5 - your gallery does not have an image limit, but uploading is done in batches of 5 at a time. 

After uploading your images, you will click Continue to descriptions. You have to include a title for your piece, and have the option to include a description, tags, categories and location. 

If you want to adjust products available and pricing for individual pieces, click Set your products and pricing for this piece. If you don't adjust this individually, your overall pricing (from the Pricing tab on the left) will be applied to all images. 

If you have uploaded multiple files, click Next Image to fill out information for all of your pieces. Click Save all and continue when you are finished.

You will now see these pieces in your art list! Click Rearrange art if you'd like to change the order of your images.  

Congratulations, these pieces are now for sale on your gallery! 

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