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What makes great art (What to upload)


One of the keys to being successful selling your art online is to not only get your work available online but to also think about what art you are presenting in your gallery - wherever it may be.

Here are a few key points to help you get the most out of your Crated gallery:

  1. Subject Matter -- Art really has infinite possibilities but when looking to sell your art, you want to keep the buyer in mind. Picture what kind of art you would buy from a shop or physical gallery and add those to your Crated gallery. We've found that pictures of people (friends, family, pets) or personal situations don't foster a connection in the buyer and can cause viewers to skip your gallery overall. It's also important to note that stock images (people, products, food etc.) are not likely to sell as art, so it's best to leave those out of your gallery on Crated. 

  2. Style and Formatting -- Try to keep your artwork clean and simple, again keeping the buyer in mind. Try to avoid uploading images that have frames or borders added to the image as these will show as well as the frame or matte option that the buyer selects and could hinder sales or decrease customer satisfaction.

  3. Quality over Quantity -- This is one of the toughest things for an artist to do but keeping the number of images in your gallery lower to include the higher quality pieces will help potential buyers to take the time looking through each one. This will help buyers save time and ultimately increase conversion for sales.
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