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Crated Sunset FAQ


We’re shutting down Crated.

When Crated was first built, it had one mission: make it easy to buy, sell and discover great art. Over the past 3 years, we’ve built an amazing community of talented photographers, designers, and digital artists.

Since the launch of Crated, our sister company, CanvasPop, has shown remarkable growth. We’ve seen what people do with their printed photos and there’s an incredible opportunity for us to change the wall art industry through CanvasPop.

Due to this growth, we’re dedicating our energy to CanvasPop moving forward. Unfortunately, this means we can’t give Crated and its community the resources and attention they need. As a result, we’ll be shutting down Crated. July 31, 2017, marks the last day the site will be operational.

All of us here would like to thank you for your support over the years - Crated would not have been as successful as it was without artists like you. While we’re sad to see Crated go, we’re eager to showcase the future of CanvasPop with you.

- The Crated team


Will orders in the system still be fulfilled?


Yes all orders already placed and any new orders placed between now and July 31st will be fulfilled. If any order experiences issues you can absolutely still contact us at support@crated.com and we’ll make it right.


Can I receive my outstanding payments?


All accounts will be paid out on Friday, July 14th. This does include accounts that have accrued under $20 however we do recommend checking that you have a Paypal email address listed under Settings from your Dashboard.

We will then make a final payment for any other sales on Friday August 11th.


Will you be deleting all of my images from your side permanently?


Yes, on August 1st we will take down Crated and begin deleting all images and accounts found on our servers.


How do I delete my account before the shutdown?


From your Dashboard there will be a link under My Account  “Delete Your Account.” Simply clicking this and following the steps will delete your account and images. This will not affect payment and can be done before or after any payouts have been completed.


Can I download my images I’ve uploaded on Crated?


We believe in data portability and want to making moving your images to another platform as easy as possible. All you need to do is go to your Dashboard and select “Download images.” You’ll receive an email with your images as soon as possible.


Can I receive Printshop pricing on CanvasPop?


We know many artists used Printshop to fulfill their own orders with wholesale pricing. If you reach out to us at support@crated.com we can absolutely set you up with a pro account on CanvasPop with equivalent pricing. This would be for placing orders directly on CanvasPop to dropship to your customers, unfortunately we don't offer a storefront experience on CanvasPop.

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